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Transcriptions in minutes made for Market Research and Focus Groups.

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Market Researchers Need Transcriptions, Fast
After an interview with an insightful customer, it's important to get down the most important ideas quickly.
Waiting several days for your transcription may not always be an option.
Our Transcription Solution
VQ Voice transcribes spoken or recorded speech into written form, to produce transcripts of interviews.
Get setup in seconds. No extra accessories, just a tablet or a phone is all you need.
We Love Market Researchers
Interviewers and market researchers enjoy our fast, algorithmic transcriptions, and we love working with them.
Our tools are useful cross-industry, but we've worked closely with the market research industry since our inception.
Our Transcription Tools
Record your interview with our fun audio tool (or upload a file of your own), and then only pay when you decide to get a transcription made.
If you're curious to try it out, reach out or sign up!
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